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Mozilla Hubs
WebPC VRStandalone VRMobile
In my opinion one of the most powerful platforms out there. Thanks to its editor (Spoke) spaces are completely customizable. Supports A LOT of file formats (png, jpg, 360 images and videos, GIF, glb with animations, pdf etc) and is super accessible from VR and the web. Audio can sometime lag when many people are in the space at the same time.
WebPC VRStandalone VRMobile
Many artists started using Spatial to showcase their artwork. You REALLY need a VR headset to set that up and the gallery options are VERY limited... unless you can create your own 3D space and importing it as an environment (30 MB max)
Somnium Space
I have seen people using this for their artwork but I have to say that it looks a little weird to me....
VR all Art
WebPC VRStandalone VRMobile
It looks like a virtual gallery for mostly 2D artworks. Not clear yet how it works but supports both web and VR and it looks quite polished... I thought it was worth to mention.
PC VRStandalone VR
Many VR people know this and is also the platform that NFT Oasis is using. It has a big community behind it but it does not support web view. That means the only way to join is download the program. The world editor looks interesting and worth exploring.
NFT Oasis
PC VRStandalone VR
Dedicated community/space in Altspace VR that holds regular meetups with NFT expositions. They accept submission and help artists showcase their work
Art Gate
Standalone VRWeb
Multiplayer experience that looks very polished and simple.
Gallery space centred around the NFT community. Connects directly to OpenSea and Foundation. Very easy to access but doesn't support VR
Different concept from the ones above. Buy a piece of a digital world that overlaps our reality and populate it with AR content that anybody else could see using the app. Sounds a very interesting way to show your pieces in AR.
Looks promising but does not supports VR and I personally had some performance issues. Optimizing the art and space is very important and not sure it is always done here.